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14 January 2014

The Website Brief

It's not often that we receive a well organised, concise and considered website brief. Where the client has thought out everything and listed all there requirements. But then we do not expect them to as they have not experienced the web to the extent that we have. We pride ourselves on adding our knowledge and expertise to digest our clients requirements and develop a full website brief.

Once we have developed and confirmed the brief with the client we like to meet with the client and if in the case of a more complex organisation various members of staff to determine the exact requirements for their respective areas. This is hugely beneficial for us in understanding each area of our clients business and what is required from the proposed new website solution.

Questions we may ask include:

  • What site functionality would assist you?
  • What resources/content you would like to upload to the site.
  • Competitors.
  • Sites they like/dislike.

This is information is important as it lets us hone the design brief. Allowing us to design and deliver a site design and structure that meets our clients requirements. 

So in conclusion do not worry if you don't have a site brief we are here to help you plan your new site. 

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