Server Administration

Here at Netrix we believe there are three equally things equally important to the operation of a server. These are hardware, software and administration.

A good administrator will not only manage to get the most performance from your hardware solution but ensure the smooth running and prevention of most failures. Here at Netrix we pride ourselves on good server administration, working tirelessly in the background to ensure everything works perfectly.

Server administration involves lots of tasks. We can provide any or all of the following:

  • Web server administration and optimization (Apache)
  • Consultation on software and hardware configuration
  • PHP, MySQL, Apache installation and configuration
  • DNS server administration
  • Mail server setup and tuning, protection against spam and malware
  • Database server setup and administration (OracleMySQL)
  • Setup ftp server
  • Load balancing setup for high-loaded systems
  • Installation of updates and patches
  • SSL certificate and SSL logo installation (including advice and purchasing of the certificate)
  • Security audit, custom security measures and server-side firewall solutions
  • Setup of backup solutions and data recovery
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